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A couple Replys to a couple of the comments (FROM JAMES BROADNAX)

Thank you all for the comments posted and I appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions-


Shout out to Jay and Charissma, love that Name Charissma by the way , simple but so beautiful (smile)


To the Friend who posted the lyrics, I have a Generalized reply for your approach. Of course we categorize. It’s automatic, Its human nature to paint pictures of understanding, especially when we DON’T understand. When it doesn’t make sense we use our sense to validate perspective. I empathize whole heartedly and fully comprehend our soldiers struggle with post tramatic stress. The same “prison” you spoke of mentally is a generational prism. It’s much larger and diverse than the degradation been, but it’s interesting you brought religion into context, I think thats one of the most basic coping mechanisms. I’m not sure we believe in the same creator but I’ll suffice it to say, ultimately we all believe in God (a God) or a higher being. You say God loves us, not matter…. dirty, filthy, monsters. STILL? Hmm, isn’t that why the earth was flooded before– sinful ways? I don’t believe good and evil can co exist, One will override the other sooner or later making it a deharmunized structure.

It seems today that evil is winning. Is that what God loves? Religious disputes causing war within and between Nations– added to the fight over commodities … Clery sodomizing Children.. corrupt governments? No, I wouldn’t place myself in a box as a “cynical” person. I’ve matured but in the same, it’s what I see… Just because I perceive this, I understand people handle situations differently due to individuality. I think it would be reverse from solely being up to God. No matter the God you see. Christ, Allah, Budda etc.. We’re blessed with intelligence and if you use that recognition to direct your personal reality, I think that superficial change within will become a collective change of the world. One vision, one purpose, one goal and one love.. Peace

from JB


Just for you

From Day one. I watched the embryo of our bond conceive. Day dreams and wishes of fantasies unseen, Your brilliance is what I see within an absence of stars.

Time overdue that I’ve found a friend in you. Hmm back then I thought the answers were easy. Now I Know better, some of us find our way with a single light to guide us, others lose themselves even when the star field is as sharp as neons– Ethics may not be situational but feelings are we learn to adjust and over time, the stars we use to guide ourselves come to reside within rather than without. Let the truth be told.

From JB




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TEXAS 77351





How can the aforementioned exist? What’s not mad to concieve the sub conscious as being disillusioned? A Sonetto . ..Slow. Deliberate Temperate melodies incased by the time of fruitful vines. However, the flutes only half empty. The silence us what’s important. Peaceful, Serene. Deceitful.. Merciless is the definitive nature of the punctual energy that took courage to befriend mi soul.

Through closed captioned un-wining increments of time,. I’ve learned to love. Curiosity is the foundations of thee. Yet, within the disillusioned, hypnotic, diaphram of the corners of my mind, I’ve learned to judge the loss of that same careful nurturing. Phonetic dialogue in hand.. call it the reality of the ultimate intelligence.. for the creator there is no poverty and no poor in-different place.

That same disaster is the exact resemblance to a complexion dimmed by Injustice….although THAT’S beloved I remain a tranquillized chaos.

What’s not more diversified?



At times, the windows of my soul bleed. I feel it to be relevant because steep isn’t needed. No time. So In turn, darkness became a coverant of what couldn’t be found in the day. But I have to say, I’m not sure what the search is for. Something of a hallucination derived from the absence I see. Or maybe it’s the notion of a transparent sacrifice I have not choice bu to be the main focus of. I agree with the latter of those two. I feel it to be essential, but what’s to be considered in the search for….normalcy? I need that. A true sense of a part of life that equates to equality. Maybe I’m insulting my own intelligence because, that sense can’t be labelled as truth. Simply put: “no man has believed perfectly until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” I’m an outlaw to that society” This society. Nothing of the same peer class. Do you understand? If so, then you comprehend why my light browns bleed. I continue to struggle

Note Quote by Malcolm X


A Challenge



What happened to guidance and leadership. What about hope and faith, No, Does death ring a bell yeah everyone recognizes that right?  Then why isn’t there any real efforts to stem the violence corroding our communities, Yeah people fair about it and whatnot but what actually being done about it? A very dear friend of mine and myself just recently had a conversation about this and I found it interesting to share with you, I’m speaking of the gang and youth violence in today’s minority communities, The specific region of our convo was Chicago, but kept in context it applies EVERYWHERE. How can one city have the highest Murder rate in the world, Easy, Generational contributions but where do you get so much recklessness from where, KIDS, ages 10-15 are making life and death decisions they see as just having to survive? That’s a fucked up vision towards life, when it doesn’t have to be.  Children should have the opportunity to enjoy life and have a chance to grow up , not view it as death being around the corner. 


The certainty of death should come with living life, not from hopelessness . It’s a tautology The same broken structure I witnessed throughout my youth and generation is being displayed again, only worse. I see it as I know it. As I experienced. Whether it be because of a lack of parenting or dysfunctional family, being bullied, trying to provide for yourself at a young age, or even protect yourself daily.


These children have lost hope and faith in life. They don’t care about themselves which causes severe recklessness. The few that do act out, when people don’t feel they have a voice or interest in being served, they find another way. What do you expect from a child, I’m gonna make this brief as I want to challenge you, ANYONE reading this message, to do something , Wherever you may be, if you have hope for the future of tomorrow, I want you to encourage the youth, or at least one adolescent to be something in life. Let them know THEY DO MATTER,. Their life , beliefs, opinions, struggles, aspirations matter. 


Be an inspiration to them, Let them know there is someone who cares about them and if they live or not that they’re loved, even if those closest to them don’t.  Be a mentor. It’s a shame so many find themselves in my situation, or in prison in general. HELP lower that statistic

P.E.A.C.E matters.


Written by James Broadnax

Solitary mind August 2012



What we become – what we are ultimately consist of what we’ve been doing.. What is the definition of being human?  What creates the notion of correctness pertaining to right and wrong. Therefore what is life.. Life is all about cruelty, It’s understood but not readily acknowledged. You know that. Nothing on this planet lives without something else dying, Why? Wheat causes the  intelligence of the cause and effect of that cycle. I was labelled a monster because of a stationary vision I was forced into. I accepted that because at the time, it’s all I knew.  I embraced the fact of my livelihood depending on survival. Does that make me less human. Most deny it and refuse to recognize their mistakes that led to failures.  I ask again what is human? Look at the history of humanity. It’s filled with atrocities. War, Murder, rape, torture, Even in the name of people indulge in these acts.  The crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the mass murders of a people , Hitler committed etc. We call that type of behavior Inhumane. Maybe the terminology is backward, Maybe being human means hurting others. That’s what human seem to do best.

Nothing in life is black and white. I don’t believe there to be universal standards that dictate and determine what’s good and evil. It’s subjective. You cant kill for money or recreation, but you’re allowed to murder during war. Why is there a difference. Dead is dead. You set someone on fire, you’re bad, evil. A terroristic threat.  The state execute you and people sell T-shirts and toast champagne. It’s perspective … If this is the world we’re subjected to, does that mean life is cynical? Is this the reality of our creator.