About James

James, known as JB to friends, was illegally and wrongfully convicted of capital murder and now resides in the most heinous, inferior, dehumanizing, and most notably recognized killing institution within the U.S – Texas Death Row.

Still a young Man, he’s become an advocate, and activist, among other intellectual pursuits, to bring awareness to his personal plight as well as others inside this STRUGGLE of madness and injustice.

James Broadnax April 2012


Originally born in California and later moved to Southern Arkansas. I’m the next to youngest of 4 siblings – 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters. As of now May 25th 2012 been on Texas Death Row since September 2nd 2009. Since before my arrival I’ve been struggling and striving for and towards betterment and against the injustices of my case.

I enjoy mostly all types of music, drawing and art, reading and meeting new people. I feel vitriolic about life and believe everyone should have the opportunity to live and enjoy a fulfilling life. Everything and everyone changes.

I chose the name Solitary Mind for my site because, in essence, that’s who I am and what I represent in this environment. This structure is designed to break a person down completely, mind, body and spirit from the treatment we receive to the way we’re confined. It can be best described as psychological torture and warfare on your mind on top of subtle ways and euphemisms to discourage and MAKE you feel you’re in a “catch 22”.

Solitary—Isolation—Regression. But that’s not me because I refuse to succumb this devolution oppression, and that’s not what I mean when I say I’m my own solitary mind.

Sometimes thinking outside the box isn’t enough sometimes you have to recreate that same box daily, that’s what I aim to do as I struggle to bring change. Inside isolation, I isolate myself outside of this concrete tomb. To thrive inside of my intellect, creativity, love and passion for everything opposite of what this place symbolizes. To be free. I’m solitary mind because I’m an individual, My own structure and principals. That’s the meaning, my meaning, To be free inside yourself and mind of isolation to overcome the oppression and recidivism of a dictated isolation against a people

All as one, one Love.

James Broadnax May 2012