A couple Replys to a couple of the comments (FROM JAMES BROADNAX)

Thank you all for the comments posted and I appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions-


Shout out to Jay and Charissma, love that Name Charissma by the way , simple but so beautiful (smile)


To the Friend who posted the lyrics, I have a Generalized reply for your approach. Of course we categorize. It’s automatic, Its human nature to paint pictures of understanding, especially when we DON’T understand. When it doesn’t make sense we use our sense to validate perspective. I empathize whole heartedly and fully comprehend our soldiers struggle with post tramatic stress. The same “prison” you spoke of mentally is a generational prism. It’s much larger and diverse than the degradation been, but it’s interesting you brought religion into context, I think thats one of the most basic coping mechanisms. I’m not sure we believe in the same creator but I’ll suffice it to say, ultimately we all believe in God (a God) or a higher being. You say God loves us, not matter…. dirty, filthy, monsters. STILL? Hmm, isn’t that why the earth was flooded before– sinful ways? I don’t believe good and evil can co exist, One will override the other sooner or later making it a deharmunized structure.

It seems today that evil is winning. Is that what God loves? Religious disputes causing war within and between Nations– added to the fight over commodities … Clery sodomizing Children.. corrupt governments? No, I wouldn’t place myself in a box as a “cynical” person. I’ve matured but in the same, it’s what I see… Just because I perceive this, I understand people handle situations differently due to individuality. I think it would be reverse from solely being up to God. No matter the God you see. Christ, Allah, Budda etc.. We’re blessed with intelligence and if you use that recognition to direct your personal reality, I think that superficial change within will become a collective change of the world. One vision, one purpose, one goal and one love.. Peace

from JB


Just for you

From Day one. I watched the embryo of our bond conceive. Day dreams and wishes of fantasies unseen, Your brilliance is what I see within an absence of stars.

Time overdue that I’ve found a friend in you. Hmm back then I thought the answers were easy. Now I Know better, some of us find our way with a single light to guide us, others lose themselves even when the star field is as sharp as neons– Ethics may not be situational but feelings are we learn to adjust and over time, the stars we use to guide ourselves come to reside within rather than without. Let the truth be told.

From JB




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3 thoughts on “A couple Replys to a couple of the comments (FROM JAMES BROADNAX)

  1. Jb You may or may not remember me I dated ur broyher for a while My name is Crystal I just wanted to write you because I feel for your situation and how everybody tryied to petray you for something or someone your not. My lil cuz says hi as well Niki booker. But any way there is so much ppl say that is cliche bc they dont knw wat it is to be locked down but I am here if you ever just want to talk or you just need someone to listen.

  2. wus up bro , say i know you dont know me but i have followed your case from the beginning. my name is Derrick and im from south Dallas. I admire your courage to fight for something you believe in. I lost my mama when i was a teen and i lost my daddy in 2010….its a cold world when your alone. i can relate to your upbringing and i truly believe it was a struggle. i really hate your situation and i know you have made peace with God. we all make mistakes…some bigger than others but God sent his son Jesus to die that we may hv a second chance to make it right. well holla back soon brother

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