How can the aforementioned exist? What’s not mad to concieve the sub conscious as being disillusioned? A Sonetto . ..Slow. Deliberate Temperate melodies incased by the time of fruitful vines. However, the flutes only half empty. The silence us what’s important. Peaceful, Serene. Deceitful.. Merciless is the definitive nature of the punctual energy that took courage to befriend mi soul.

Through closed captioned un-wining increments of time,. I’ve learned to love. Curiosity is the foundations of thee. Yet, within the disillusioned, hypnotic, diaphram of the corners of my mind, I’ve learned to judge the loss of that same careful nurturing. Phonetic dialogue in hand.. call it the reality of the ultimate intelligence.. for the creator there is no poverty and no poor in-different place.

That same disaster is the exact resemblance to a complexion dimmed by Injustice….although THAT’S beloved I remain a tranquillized chaos.

What’s not more diversified?