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I think maybe I know only one thing in this world. One thing for sure, and it’s that the truth doesn’t set you free. Not as I’ve heard and not as I’ve witnessed for myself. I’ve learned it doesn’t allow you to rise above the burdens of lies and secrets of wounds to the heart. The truths I’ve learned hold me down like chains in a dark room, an underworld. I find peace away from it through the love of profound individuals that revolve in the realm of the unseen. I’m subjected to a place where the truth is not something to look at or behold. This is what I know. The only thing. But even still I push without pause because it’s human nature to give a reactionary value to oppression. Sometimes the risks you face dictates the other risks you must take.

Solitary Mind Solidarity

JB June 2012



When I think of injustice.. the injustice I now understand and recognize from personal experience, the same injustice Malcolm X fought against and Michelle Alexander speaks volumes of in her book “The New Jim Crow” the same Injustice reinforced differently from past generations and conflicts throughout history, .. His-tory. An echo. A reverberation. The list of the unfamiliar goes on, . It’s like a chorus of forgotten voices. This caste systems greatest shame. All of the voices everyone one of them like a stone thrown into a lake, The ripples move out through time and people,Families, friends, neighbors. How can a community be a part of society when so many voices forgotten by a system that’s supposed to be the box for them.

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