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Event In Germany for JB July 2012

On 22nd of July 2012 in Germany, will be a Event for JB a it will be a church service and will not be a rally or protest.. The main theme will be “justice” and will be comparing American Judgement with God’s words. If anyone would like to attend or would like more information please email : when emailing Mayla in the subject line please put Event for JB


Check it out

I’ve just recently tried my hand – literally at a different form of poetry. Haiku’s. Let me know what you think.


Trapped and bound near death

No Breath of mine left, no room

just me and a tomb




©solitary mind

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I was once told you have 3 things that bring change – voluntary action, revolution and evolution. Well. Let me add to that gumbo– Devolution!! I think many would agree that Death Row is a society unto itself, but if you can even refer to this as a society, I strongly disagree, One, we don’t even interact like a mundane society due to the system denying us human contact and basic socializing occurrences. It can’t be identified as that when everyone in that society is constantly segregated and isolated. Devolution is what I call it because even in “GP” (general population) they have the chance at change, at growth and development, and a sense of SELF – Evolution. We don’t because we’re condemned. This is retrograde to what prison is supposed to symbolize.

If kept in context, it’s exactly what Michelle Alexander’s book ‘The New Jim Crow’ speaks about– towards every society. I think a system that symbolizes blind justice and tipped scales has BEEN devolving over time, continually oppressing countless people and communities.. This only means we need to continue to push for greatness.

For all of our Sistah’s and Brotha’s

Solitary Mind Solidarity

JB May 2012



 Good day my Brotha’s and Sistah’s. For my 1st post (smile) I want to have a moment of silence and dedicate this to a solid Brotha I’ve lost to the hands of this institution— Known as Beunka to most but “Alto to some – Rest in Peace. He was just recently executed (April 26h 2012) by hopeless people. As I said in my Spoken Word “white phosphorous” ‘the murderer of supposed murderers’

What message does that really send to society? What justice is served by continuing a criminal cycle? The same crime(s) people are convicted and condemned for, they repeat, in sometimes the same barbaric fashion. What’s the reasoning? Understand, in no way am I condoning the actions of that dramatic day, dealing with Beunka’s case and I send my respects to the families, but I believe it’s no more right and never brings true justice.

I also believe from talking to him on numerous occasions, that he had truly changed for the better and was more than regretful for what took place. Time and being forced to look at a potential death date! Among other things, has a way of changing things. Despite this, we still struggle continuously and hopefully in time it’ll bring an end to this systematic oppression.

 Beunka Adams

Solitary Mind Solidarity

JB May 2012